Stop wasting our taxpayer dollars!

Dear Member of Congress,

You are serving at a historic time, when out-of-control federal spending and soaring national debt threaten to destroy the American Dream for future generations. On your watch, we can either continue on this path, or change course and save our country’s future.

I stand with The Heritage Foundation and countless fellow Americans to insist that you take dramatic and immediate action to:

  • Stop wasteful spending. This waste is not hard to find. Indeed, federal auditors have found that 22 percent of federal spending does no good.
  • Reform federal entitlement programs. Without such reform, the size and cost of government will sink the prosperity of future generations and threaten the welfare of Americans now living.
  • Reform taxes. History shows that trying to balance budgets by raising taxes depresses economic growth and does nothing to address the real cause of debt: runaway spending. To solve our debt crisis, we need to reform both taxes and spending.

In the midst of another nation-threatening emergency, President Abraham Lincoln wrote, “We cannot escape history. We of this Congress and this administration will be remembered in spite of ourselves . . . We shall nobly save, or meanly lose, the last best hope of earth.” Although today’s crisis is different, the stakes are still high. The economic future upon which our system of free government rests is in serious jeopardy. Will free government and economic opportunity for all Americans continue for future generations?

The answer will largely rest with this Congress. Please take the courageous, principled steps that The Heritage Foundation and others have outlined for you. The citizens of this nation will be watching as you make your decisions.